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Massachusetts LAC Needs Your Assistance

CAI's Massachusetts' Legislative Action Committee (MALAC) needs YOUR help! Please take 1-2 minutes now to urge your Senator to support the ability for Massachusetts condominiums to hold virtual meetings and electronically vote. 

H. 1416 is a bill that will allow condominiums to hold meetings and allow unit owners and boards to vote electronically. The MA LAC worked diligently to get this legislation through the House, but need YOUR help to get this bill across the finish line. 

This bill will allow and make it easier for condominium associations to vote and hold meetings electronically. Many states, including Maine and Connecticut, already have these provisions that will allow condominiums to take advantage of readily accessible platforms that allow them to more efficiently serve residents and boards. 

Virtual meetings will continue to be important for decades to come and utilize existing technology that associations already have access to! 

Please take a few minutes to urge your legislator to support this common-sense legislation today! 



         Thank you for your advocacy! 

CAI's Massachusetts LAC 

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