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Community Property Management In
Ludlow, MA

Efficient and Effective Approach

How We'll Help With Your
Community Property Management Needs


We have a state of the art work order system that allows us, the board or homeowners to generate detailed work orders that get assigned to a maintenance tech who responds to the need within 24 hours or, if an emergency, immediately.


The community association managers do a site inspection monthly and the company owner, who is CSL certified, does an inspection monthly for preventative maintenance, small improvements/repairs and even capital project needs.

Consulting Services

At Spaeth Property Service, we understand the challenges of managing a community, which is why we provide comprehensive consulting services to help your community thrive. Our team has extensive experience in community property management, and we can develop a customized solution to meet the unique needs of your community.

Financial Services

We understand that financial management is an important aspect of running your community. That's why we offer financial services upon request, to ensure that your finances are managed with care and precision. 

Capital Projects

From roofing and siding to drainage repairs, sidewalks, gutters and windows, we provide comprehensive renovations and ongoing maintenance solutions. We also offer transition assistance from developer to board oversight, reserve studies, financial or maintenance-only services for communities who don't require full-time management, as well as Board "Boot Camp" training for new board members.

24/7 Emergency Response

At Spaeth Property Service, Inc, we understand that emergencies can happen at any time, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency response. When you call us, we guarantee that you will speak with a real person who can assist you with your emergency situation. Our experienced team is trained to handle any property emergency, day or night.

Why Choose
Spaeth Property Service, Inc?


We Actually Know Your Name

Spaeth, as a company, has over 29 years in the management and maintenance of community associations. The unique knowledge base provides Spaeth a competitive advantage in that they were a maintenance company before they became a management company. There is no outsourcing of the critical need to provide maintenance support for HOAs. We have three individuals, including the company principal, who have their Massachusetts CSL contractors license. Spaeth also has on staff one of 1800 active PCAMs (Community Association Institute Certification of the highest level) on staff to provide professional and experienced support to the communities and staff.


We're Property Management Experts

We have had a presence in the local western Massachusetts market for close to 30 years. We have never lost a client, although we have let some clients go. We know the geography of the areas, the towns and their codes and contacts, have a stable of in-house as well as contracted maintenance personnel that provide outstanding service to our clients. Our managers are able to utilize state of the art software to support their boards and owners in overseeing the community, business and governance of their communities.


Our Robust Systems and Processes

We use state of the art software that allows for boards to know what the status of their work orders, architectural requests, invoices for payment and cash balances are on a 24/7 basis. That is transparency.

We Love When Our Clients are Happy

Let's add you to the list!

Suburb Home
Dear Virginia, I am the treasurer at Canterbury Woods Condominiums. Spaeth Property Service has been the property management provider since 2015. During this time, Spaeth has proven to be an excellent manager due to their personal approach in handing our community. I would highly recommend them to you and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Joseph Greenberg

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More About Spaeth Property Service, Inc and Our Community Property Management Approach

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We have spent the past three decades building personal relationships with business leaders and contractors in the region. These relationships allow us to help boards keep their communities in excellent condition while enjoying the economies of scale that control costs effectively.


The Spaeth team works closely with clients to ensure services are customized around the unique requirements of individual communities and their specific requirements. Our superior customer service starts with a timely response to each inquiry.


Our professionally certified experts offer all aspects of community association management from simple maintenance contracts to capital project planning and supervision and financial support.


Call us today!

Our professionally certified experts offer all aspects of community association management from simple maintenance contracts to capital investment expansion project planning and supervision and financial support.

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