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Spaeth is supporting MSPCC donations again!

It is the time of year when we reach out and help those less fortunate than us.  Spaeth in asking for your assistance in making the holidays a bit brighter for three children engaged in the MSPCC.  Unwrapped gifts, clothes or gift cards can be dropped off at Spaeth's office on 177 Norman Street in West Springfield by December 14, 2022.  Migueias is a 4- year- old boy who would like some age- appropriate games.  Gabriella is a 5- year- old girl who would like age- appropriate books, games or gift cards.  She also needs some clothing, her sizes are as follows:  Shirt/pants - 5t, Jacket - 5t, shoes 9, and Zaydee is a 5- year- old girl who would like toys, books or gift cards.  Her clothing sizes are as follows: Shirt/pants - 8/10, Jacket - 8, shoes - 12.   Thanks to you, last year's drive was a great success.  Please, do what you can and donate to those in need.

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