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2022 Comes to an End, 2023 Holds Promise

Can it really be the last we will see of 2022?

This past year provided plenty of challenges for the boards and owners of the communities we manage.

Funding in an almost double-digit inflation economy has proven to be the biggest challenge facing many of our associations.

Capital projects for the replacement of major assets was also a big part of the “heavy lifting” that was done by boards and owners.

In spite of it all, Spaeth Property Service counts this year as one of more successful ones. 

We got to work with intelligent, endearing, and engaging boards and supported a plethora of needs for the homeowners from both a financial and maintenance perspective.

We count ourselves truly fortunate to have such wonderful clients, contractors, and professionals that we work with. We thank each and everyone involved.

Here’s to a healthy and prosperous New Year in 2023

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